How I Do My Research

These are some of the methods and websites I use to do my research. Are there other ways? Of course but this will require you to do get creative on key terms you use to find the answers you’re looking for. I hope this is a great starter point for you though.


Twitter is a great source to gather information. I like to go into the search bar and type in key words that could help identify someone that might discovered a new node or is just talking about nodes in general. Please see the photos below as examples of how I search. You may have noticed I underlined everything that says node. Why? So you can see the various ways that Twitter searches for anything that has the word node in it. Even if it’s simply in someone’s Twitter handle. Remember! Get creative with the key terms you use to be more effective in finding what you’re looking for.


For obvious reasons, YouTube can help your research. Surely someone out there made a video on a node you want to create but perhaps you want to hit two birds with one stone. If you’re lucky, you will find a video on how to create a node on a protocol that you didn’t know had nodes. The video below shows you my search history. I like to go on CoinMarketCap and then one by one pick each token to research to see if a node exists. My goal is to search every token


When looking for basic token information, I like to use CoinMarketCap but you may also use CoinGecko or others. This is where I tend to go when I need coin address when wanting to buy a coin on Uniswap or add it onto my Metamask. Be sure to watch the video and view the photos as well.

Random CMC Tip


This is my most favorite search. Why? Because this is where you can find information that nobody knows about. This is what will separate you from everyone else. Here are some photos showing you how I find information and again… get creative with your choice of words.

You can narrow your search.


When needing a community of researchers to help you find an answer that you have searched endlessly for, telegram can be helpful. People could be rude at time cause they can tell when someone hasn’t even attempted to research. Should they act like this? No but it is what it is. This is another reason why I’m making this post. It’s always nice to not have to rely on someone else. Anyways… here are some way to find answers on telegram without relying on others.

These photos below show you how to search for keywords that could answer a question you have.

These photos below show how to search for anything a specific person said. You can go all the way back to the first message they ever said.

These final photos show you another way to find information. This website contains information on hundreds of different masternodes you can run.

Company Website

It’s probably common sense but you can likely find all the info you need on the website of the company you are interested in. I like to go directly to their Whitepaper/Litepaper and roadmap. Not every blockchain company has Whitepaper/Litepaper or roadmap. If you can’t find one then that’s when you Google. If you can’t find it there or on Google images then it’s likely that one doesn’t exist. You will just have to read their website or watch videos to get your own understanding of what their mission/vision is.

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