Strongblock: Sentinel Nodes

In July there was a snapshot taken of everyone’s wallet holding a Strongblock NFT. 1000 wallets were selected and were allowed early access to launch sentinel nodes. Only 400 of those wallets can make nodes right now. I expect 200 launch every week here on out.

Here’s the link to check if you were eligible:

When quick searching for your wallet, don’t type in your whole wallet address. Only type in the first 6 numbers/letters.

Your ETH nodes costs 10 to create and .09143 STRONG per a day. Sentinel nodes costs 10 strong to create and earns .09143 STRONG per a day. They’re exactly the same thing. The difference is someday sentinel will pay you an IOU. Afterwards, they are expected to start paying regularly.

Is there a deadline to create your sentinel node? No

So why aren’t they paying now? The problem was Sentinel didn’t seem to understand the reward structure of Strongblock. Their original offer was to pay $25,000 for first money for up to 5000 nodes. This equals $5 per month for those 5000 nodes. Strongblock decided they will take over payments for them 100% till they were ready. Sentinel is reworking their reward model offering and hopefully it will be something more reasonable.

What happens if not enough people show interest in creating the nodes? Then it’s likely that sentinel nodes will be discontinued. Your nodes will continue to exist as sentinel nodes and eventually earn dVPN along side strong. You will be one of the only people to have a sentinel node. There is a possibility you might be able to exchange your sentinel node for a ETH node aka strong node.

By TheNodeCatcher

I was a token holder. Now I’m a node holder. Passive income is the smartest decision you can make. I’m here to show you how.

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