Setting Up A GALA Node

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Step 1: Register with GALA aka create an account. They also have an app you can download directly from their website after registering.

Step 2: Enter your information and please use my referral code:
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Step 3: Once registration is complete you will need to look at how much a node costs. Click “Get Gala” and then click “Get a node”. I have attached photos showing the prices. You can only purchase using $GALA as of 01 OCT 2021.

Step 4: Go to Bitrue or Uniswap and buy one of the three currencies. Here’s my referral code in case you decide to go with Bitrue VEVZQW

Step 5: Click “Inventory”

Step 6: Click whichever token you’re depositing. For this example I chose GALA. Copy your address and go back to your exchange so can now send your funds to buy your node.

Step 7: Now that your funds have arrived you can click “Get Gala” again or “Get a Node” so you can buy your node license aka your node. Once you have selected the currency you wish to purchase with, click “Place Order”.

Step 8: It may take some time for your node license to appear in your account so just be patient. Normally it’s quick though so no worries. Click “Account” so you can download your node.

Step 9: Click Node info and download the file.

Step 10: Once you have downloaded the file. Open the app and log in.

Step 11: This is what your $GALA node will look like once logged in.

Your computer must run 6 hours every day to earn rewards. You have 2 options… either you can do what I do and simply let your computer run every day and shut it down once it’s finished or get a virtual private server that runs 24/7 so you never have to worry about it.

A $GALA node costs roughly $12,000 right now. Here’s a photo of your daily rewards. Yes I’m aware I accidentally missed one day for rewards lol whoops…

This is where you go to claim your rewards. Currently costs $8 in ETH to claim your rewards but they will be adding other options in the future for gas fees.

These instructions were for the most part based off memory so if you get stuck or if I missed a step, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to help you out! You can also find tutorials on YouTube 🙂

The GALA Games Ecosystem Map:

GALA Games Whitepaper & Roadmap

I reached out to GALA and they told me there is no Whitepaper but to instead reference their blog. Here is the link:

They also don’t have a roadmap but instead told me to reference their AMA’s. They do have 10 games in the works. Here’s the link to their AMA’s:

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